River Bay Beach, St. Lucy, Barbados Pocket Guide

North Coast Beaches

Spectacular scenery; romantic hideaways; rugged beauty; unspoiled landscapes; peace and solitude; historical landmarks; Bajan culture – the North Coast of Barbados is possibly the most diverse coastline and definitely worth visiting. 

Highly Recommended North Coast Beaches in Barbados

Archer's Bay        Chandler Bay        Corben's Bay        Cove Bay        Hangman's Bay

The North Coast of Barbados (or, as I like to call it, Barbados' 'Serendipity' Coast), is brimming with opposites and surprise discoveries. 

There are two distinct sides of the North Coast of Barbados - the West Coast with its Caribbean Sea coastline, and the East Coast with its Atlantic Ocean coastline.

Rural, undeveloped, windswept terrain unfolds into exhilarating cliff top locations with unsurpassed panoramic views of the sea.  

Picturesque bays and stretches of white sandy beach provide sharp contrast to isolated, inaccessible areas of the coastline. 

Opportunities for a family day out at the beach, with picnic areas, water sports and safe swimming, alternate with dangerous seas suited only to strong swimmers, surfers and scuba divers.

The black bellied sheep, goats and cows in the more remote rural areas make preferable, and more visible, companions to the jagged rocks and sharp coral reefs often found in the sea.  

Local craftspeople demonstrate traditional skills on the beach while other Bajan workers toil at the modern cement plant. 

Many tourists explore the North Coast of Barbados in jeeps or coaches while others independently transport themselves on self-balancing electric 'Segways'. 

Towering coral cliffs, intricate rock formations and expanses of rolling forested hills offer ground level photographic opportunities, while sea caves, blowholes, shipwrecks and aquatic flora and fauna provide alternative and less captured underground and undersea material.

Past meets present as early settlement locations and historical landmarks in Barbados reluctantly give way to the technological advances and different priorities of the 21st century.

Most of the Barbados locations described in this section on the beaches and bays of the North Coast of Barbados are in the parish of St. Lucy, with the exception of Pico Teneriffe and Heywoods Beach which are situated on opposite coastlines of Barbados in the parish of St. Peter, the only parish besides St. Lucy that extends from the East to the West Coast of Barbados.

Read about the different North Coast of Barbados locations on this website to decide which particular area you would like to visit. If you would like someone to arrange a visit to the North Coast of Barbados for you, why not contact Island Safari or Johnson's Tours, who will discuss your requirements with you and tailor your day out to your needs.

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