Laycock Bay

Laycock Bay is situated on the North East Coast of Barbados, in the parish of St. Lucy, with Chandler Bay, Nans Bay and Kings Bay to the north, and Little Bay, Cuckold Point, Corbens Bay and Cove Bay (Gay's Cove) to the south.


Laycock Bay lies on the wild East Coast of Barbados, its beaches and cliffs pounded and moulded by the Atlantic waves that constantly thunder onto its shoreline. Laycock Bay is no exception, and visitors should not expect to spend a day on the beach. Access to the rocky beach area is nigh impossible, and the tempestuous sea conceals dangerous rip tides, undertow and currents. These dangerous conditions along with the general lack of a beach at Laycock Bay in Barbados render this area highly unsuitable for recreational swimming. 


Laycock Bay and the nearby bays on the North East Coast of Barbados are nonetheless worth a visit, as the panoramic and dramatic views along this stretch of Barbados coastline are unsurpassed. The powerful waves may also tempt some extremely experienced surfers, and the blustery cliff top paths make popular, invigorating settings for walkers and hikers.




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