Maycocks Bay

Maycocks Bay is a fascinating diving location in the parish of St. Lucy on the North West coast of Barbados, with Mother's Day Bay, Harrison Point, Norse Bay and Stroud Bay to the north, and Hangman's Bay, Smiton Bay and Six Men's Bay to the south.


Visiting Maycocks Bay in Barbados is like finding your own piece of paradise - the small white sandy beach is protected by a cliff and a thick wall of trees, and with no nearby buildings or accommodation it makes a perfect hideaway spot for those of you who enjoy isolation and privacy. Maycocks Bay in Barbados is in fact one of the only beaches in St. Lucy in spite of the whole parish being sealocked. 


Despite its West Coast location and Caribbean Sea coastline, the remote beach at Maycocks Bay in Barbados can host fairly turbulent seas dominated most of the year round by dangerous undertow and huge waves, so recreational swimming is definitely not recommended at these times. The erratic conditions at Maycocks Bay in Barbados do however make this spot the perfect location for several sporting activities, namely reef snorkelling, surfing, scuba diving, and kiteboarding or kitesurfing.


For surfing enthusiasts, the best time to surf at Maycocks Bay in Barbados is at low tide, as this creates some wonderfully hollow wave sections. For kiteboarders there are large grassy areas near the beach where you can prepare your equipment, but exercise caution when launching as the beach area is only small and the shallower waters are interspersed with potentially hazardous rocks and coral.


Perhaps the main attraction of Maycocks Bay in Barbados though is its reef snorkelling and diving potential. The water is crystal clear, and the abundant coral reefs below the surface are swarming with various species of tropical fish. Giant puffer fish… barracudas… rays… all of these and more are regular visitors to the enormous underwater areas that are created where the coral is divided by long stretches of white sand at Maycocks Bay in Barbados. 


An added bonus for divers is 'Pamir', a 169 foot sunken freighter lying at the southern tip of Maycocks Bay in Barbados, in the neighbouring fishing village of Six Men's. 'Pamir' lies almost completely intact sixty feet deep on the ocean floor so divers can observe aquatic life through the original portholes, making it not only a fairly relaxing dive but an ideal one for novices.


In true hideaway character, Maycocks Bay in Barbados is not easy to find and the only way to reach it is by car. If you turn left at the Arawak Cement Company Limited and carry on  to the bakery, just follow the road until it ends, then walk down the cliff when you get to the beach - rumour has it that some intrepid Bajans use 4x4’s to make their descent!


A second path at Maycocks Bay in Barbados will lead you to the old ruins of Maycock's Fort, rumoured to have buried treasure on its grounds that was never found.




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