North Coast Beaches Barbados

Archer's Bay

Archer's Bay is situated in the relatively undeveloped parish of St. Lucy on the North West coast of Barbados, with Stroud Bay and the Harrison Point Lighthouse to the south, and North Point and the Animal Flower Cave to the north. There are also some smaller bays and beaches nearby, namely Mother' Day Bay, Maycock's Bay, Hangman's Bay and Smiton's Bay.

Archer's Bay in Barbados is literally at the north-west tip of the island, where towering coral and limestone cliffs almost emerge from the ocean battling for supremacy. It is a very peaceful area with few private or commercial residences, and the cliff tops offer tourists and locals some excellent walks with spectacular views. 

Below the majestic cliffs at Archer's Bay in Barbados, it is a different story. The narrow beach area is no match for the all year round rough sea with its exceedingly dangerous undertow and wild waves, rendering the area definitely unsuitable for swimming.

Archer's Bay in Barbados is a popular spot with the locals familiar with the area but, for tourists, finding Archer's Bay is half of the appeal. First you will need to find St. Swithin's Church, and then head north until you come to a grassy park area. The Casuarina trees and panoramic sea views here provide the ideal backdrop for a picnic spot. From here, if the tide is out, you can make your way down the paths through the cool and shady green forest that surrounds the long stretch of hidden and usually deserted sandy beach at Archer's Bay.  

An idyllic, serene, romantic getaway - highly recommended.

Former Prime Minister of Barbados, the Honourable David Thompson, was resolute in his endeavours to preserve and protect the most beautiful parts of Barbados. In June 2010, the Barbados government thereby announced plans for the establishment of a National Park in the north and north east of the island for the enjoyment of ordinary Barbadians and friends, stretching from the rugged, unspoiled Archer's Bay in the parish of St. Lucy to the close-knit fishing community of Conset Bay in the parish of St. John.

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