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Cove Bay

Cove Bay is situated on the North East Coast of Barbados, in the parish of St. Lucy, with Corben's Bay, the Landlock and Cuckold Point to the north, and Pico Tenerife and the Boscobelle area to the south.  

Cove Bay in Barbados is in a peaceful, rural setting. Although you can drive to the cliffs overlooking the bay, there are no main roads so there is no direct route to the bay. On the contrary, if you are driving to Cove Bay in Barbados you can expect to travel through fields and farmland, weaving your way through livestock such as cows, goats and black belly sheep.  

The landscape surrounding Cove Bay in Barbados is diverse, with gently rolling green hills merging with forested areas, muddy tracks, and coconut tree lined avenues. This is an ideal place to take a picnic that can be a unique occasion if you can position yourself overlooking Cove Bay itself. Imagine dining al fresco with friends or loved ones, the unparalleled views of turquoise seas below you accompanied by a soundtrack of mighty waves crashing into the cliffs, warm air caressing your skin, and cooling breezes to round things off. Perfect!!

You could join a hike if you really wanted to, and see Cove Bay for yourself. If you don't want to be too energetic on your holiday, you could always consider arranging a Tailor Made Safari Tour with Island Safari of Barbados - the team there can arrange a visit to Cove Bay and nearby areas, as well as providing drinks and lunches if requested.

Please note that Gay's Cove is another name given to Cove Bay, or more specifically, to the area that nestles between Pico Tenerife, the towering column rock emerging from the sea, and the semi circular bay with its breathtaking scenery, Casuarina trees and tall swaying palms.

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