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Chandler Bay

Chandler Bay is situated amongst a cluster of numerous small bays on the North East coastline of Barbados, in the parish of St. Lucy, with Nan's Bay, King's Bay, Goat House Bay and Jones Bay to the north, and Laycock Bay and Little Bay to the south. 

Barbados has experienced several waves of occupancy and Chandler Bay was the location of one of the early Arawak settlements, the other extant settlements including Stroud Point, Saint Luke's Gully, and Mapp's Cave. 

The first indigenous people in Barbados were Amerindians who arrived by canoe from Venezuela during the middle of the fourth century. The Arawak people constituted the second wave of migrants to Barbados, arriving from South America at the beginning of the ninth century. The Arawak people lived in Barbados until the thirteenth century, when they were expatriated by the Caribs who arrived from South America in a third wave of migration to Barbados. 

The area around Chandler Bay in the north of Barbados is an area to visit if you're seeking amazing ocean views, rugged scenery, invigorating cliff top walks, or a peaceful picnic spot away from the crowds. However, it is not an area for swimming as its rocky Atlantic coastline is practically inaccessible due to the steep cliffs, and the thundering sea is choppy and dangerous. There are also no facilities or amenities at this sparsely inhabited and predominantly rural coastline and much of the area cannot be accessed by road vehicles.


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