Little Bay

Little Bay is situated on the North East coast of Barbados in the parish of St. Lucy, with Laycock Bay, Chandler Bay, Nan's Bay and King's Bay to the north, and The Landlock, Corben's Bay and Cove Bay (Gay’s Cove) to the south.


Little Bay is in an undeveloped region in the northern most part of Barbados and therefore not the easiest place to get to. Don't let that stop you though - if you are driving, get a map and don't be afraid to stop and ask for directions, for Little Bay is a truly unique destination and a definite 'must see' spot for tourists interested in something a little different.


Similar to many of the neighbouring bays, Little Bay on the East Coast of Barbados is bordered by rolling limestone hills. The magnificent Atlantic Ocean crashes onto the coarse sandy beach area, a tiny piece of paradise set amidst low rugged cliffs. Close to the beach are intriguing rock formations containing a naturally formed swimming 'pool' that is perfectly safe for swimming in.


However, the sea is powerful and dangerous further out beyond the rocks, with crashing waves, surging surf and enveloping sea mists, and it is here that you can see the real attraction of Little Bay in Barbados - the spectacular blowholes.  Over the centuries, the brutal waves of the Atlantic Ocean have smashed into the rocks and cliffs along this Barbados coastline, ultimately sculpting jagged cliffs and sea caves. The force of the ocean as it continues to slam into these naturally formed vertical structures and caves is eventually ejected in volatile explosions of water and spray that spout high into the air.


The most frequently visited blowholes in Barbados are those at Little Bay, perhaps because the area also offers exquisite scenery and safe tide pools. You can either go down to the water's edge to get a close view, or observe the rock formations and blowholes from above. A climb up the cliffs overlooking Little Bay in Barbados will reward you with a truly breathtaking panoramic view of Little Bay and the North Coast of Barbados, but remember to wear good footwear as the rocks can be sharp and brittle. 


Little Bay in Barbados is a favourite spot for tourists and usually busier at the weekend, so if you're hoping for a sense of solitude you may be better going in the week. If you would prefer not to drive to Little Bay, click here as there are several tour operators that arrange trips here and a ride in a safari jeep or coach would allow you to view parts of Barbados you may not otherwise get to see.


You might also consider joining a 1½ hour arranged tour from Cove Bay to Little Bay in St. Lucy with Segway of Barbados, gliding on your own Personal Transporter (PT) and absorbing the breathtaking and unspoiled landscape of Barbados' rugged North East's coastal of cliff tops.




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