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Hangman's Bay

Hangman's Bay is situated on the North West Coast of Barbados, in the parish of St. Lucy, with Fryer's Well Bay, Smiton bay and Six Men's Bay to the south, and Maycock Bay, Mother's Day Bay and Greshie Bay to the north.

Hangman's Bay is perhaps best known for the cement plant that occupies a large proportion of the nearby Checker Hall area. Originally known in 1984 as the Arawak Cement Plant, the plant experienced financial difficulties and was closed in 1991. In 1994 the company became a subsidiary of Trinidad Cement Limited (TCL), the leading producer and marketer of cement and ready-mix products in the Caribbean. Now known as the Arawak Cement Company Limited (ACCL), the cement plant near Hangman’s Bay in Barbados has continued to consistently produce cement and lime products in Barbados since 1994. 

In an ecological bid to be environmentally conscious and make the area around the cement plant greener and more welcoming, the company planted one hundred trees around the outer fence of the plant to mark World Environment Day in 2009. Arawak also supported World Environment Day in 2010 by participating in Barbados' National Conservation Commission's (NCC) environmental walk, sponsoring the route from the St. Lucy Parish Church to River Bay's Picnic Park.

However, industrial sites are not generally known for their aesthetic appeal, and in spite of moves to enhance the environment, the cement plant's dominance of the coastline in this area has perhaps rendered Hangman's Bay one of Barbados' less appealing coastline destinations for tourists. The sea is calmer here than on the rugged North and North East coastline, but for visitors wanting the full beach experience there are other more enticing beaches and bays nearby.


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