Pico Teneriffe

Pico Teneriffe is neither a bay nor a beach but an intriguing landmark on the North East coast of Barbados, in the parish of St. Peter, with Cove Bay (Gay's Cove), Corben’s Bay and Cuckold Point to the north, and The Choyce and Morgan Lewis Beach to the south.


Pico Teneriffe in Barbados (yes, it really does have two ff's!) is in itself a dramatic coral cliff pinnacle that can be seen from Bathsheba and Cattlewash to the south. Barbados was named either by the Portuguese or the Spanish before 1605, and it is just as likely that this was also how this imposing Barbados spectacle got its name. The word 'pico' originates from the prefix in the Spanish language meaning, among other things, 'peak', and it would not be beyond the realms of reality to surmise that some of these earlier visitors to Barbados possibly originated from Tenerife in the Canary Islands.


Pico Teneriffe in Barbados is difficult to access and therefore best viewed from a distance, one of the best views of this solid imposing feature perhaps being from Cove Bay to the north. Pico Teneriffe is one of several places along the North East shores of Barbados that have given this coastline its reputation for jagged cliffs and wild but natural beauty.


If you want to see Pico Teneriffe while you are in Barbados, Eco Adventures of Barbados organizes a reasonably priced walking coastal trail across the grassy footpaths from Cove Bay to Pico Teneriffe, a perfect opportunity to take advantage of this scenic, rugged area. Click here to visit their website. Surfers will find an exposed beach break at Pico Teneriffe in Barbados with waves most of the time. However, summer can be very flat, and rocks are a constant hazard.




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