Stroud Bay

Stroud Bay is on the North West Coast of Barbados, in the parish of St. Lucy, with Granny's Bay, Taylor's Bay and Archers Bay to the north and Norse's Bay, the Harrison Point Lighthouse and Greshie Bay to the south. 


Stroud Bay in Barbados is not a beach location, though there are some occasional beaches nearby. However, the rocks and cliffs dominating the area around Stroud Bay make it a popular destination for tourists, walkers and ramblers. Possibly part of its attraction, the terrain surrounding Stroud Bay in Barbados is fraught with astonishing hazards, with unexpected yet amazing blow holes appearing in front of you and enormous sea caves echoing below the ground you're walking along.  


Stroud Bay in Barbados is perhaps better known for its historic connections than for being a beach area. The early Amerindian inhabitants of Barbados mostly used the island as a stopping-off point on route to their chosen destination, North America. A second wave of such migrants was the Arawak people, also known as the Lokono, who arrived in Barbados from South America around 800 CE. One of the key Arawak settlements was at Stroud Point in Barbados, the others being located at Chandler Bay, Saint Luke's Gully, and Mapp's Cave. 


Stroud Bay is situated close to the Harrison Point Lighthouse. Constructed in 1925, the Harrison Point Lighthouse is one of Barbados' three remaining operating lighthouses. An impressive 85 feet concrete tower, with its white gallery and red lantern, the Harrison Point Lighthouse in Barbados flashes its warning light every 15 seconds. Next to the lighthouse are the now abandoned and dilapidated light station buildings and the original lighthouse keeper’s accommodation. 


Another building near Harrison's Point Lighthouse in Barbados is The Armoury (not to be confused with the Barbados National Armoury at The Garrison in Barbados). In the 1950s and 1960s this building was a U.S. Naval tracking station that was used to monitor Soviet submarine activity in the area during the Cold War period (1945-1991). 


This Harrison's Point Lighthouse location in Barbados was again inaccessible to the public and tourists when it was used to house a temporary prison after inmates rioted and burned down Barbados’s Glendairy Prison in March 2005.




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