Six Men's Bay

Six Men's Bay is a picturesque fishing village located on the North West Coast of Barbados, in the parish of St. Peter, with Smiton's Bay, Hangman's Bay and Maycock's Bay to the north, and Port St. Charles Marina, Speightstown and Heywood's Beach to the south.


Six Men's Bay in Barbados developed as a fishing village towards the end of the 19th century. Traditions live on, and Bajan fishermen still regularly bring their hauls in to the bay to be sold at the local Six Men's Fishing Complex, a central fish-processing hall for fishermen along the West Coast of Barbados. Locals and tourists alike are all welcome to come to the complex to purchase fresh fish from the day's catch, and to enjoy the popular 'Fish Fry' event held at Six Men's Bay in Barbados on Friday and Saturday evenings.


Due to its northerly location, Six Men's Bay is one of the less busy West Coast beaches in Barbados, perfect for those of you who enjoy peace and quiet. There is a wide sandy beach and toilets, restrooms and showers at Six Men's Bay, making it the perfect location for a family day out or a picnic. Although the sea here is generally safe for swimming it is sensible to stay close to the shore, and always pay attention to advice locals might give you as they are incredibly astute readers of Barbados' weather conditions.


Scuba diving fans will enjoy joining an organized visit to explore the Pamir, a one hundred and sixty-five (165) ft long wreck of a sunken freighter lying in 60 feet of water in a sheltered spot just off Six Men's Bay, its almost intact form festooned with colourful coral reefs and inhabited by a wealth of sea life.


For surfers, Six Men's Bay is an exposed right hand reef break with fairly reliable surf, though winter and spring are the best times of year to surf. The best winds here are from east southeast and there are windswells and groundswells in equal levels. Surfing at Six Men's Bay can become crowded at times, and hazards further out at sea can include rocks, coral and the occasional shark.


For those of you who just want to relax and take things easy, Six Men's Bay in Barbados is a little like stepping back in time, an ideal place to escape the world’s stresses, to simply slow down and 'breathe'. With a handful of small bars and stalls, the Six Men's Bay community has successfully incorporated a bare minimum of development into its intrinsic 'bajanness', and a more relaxed pace of living is an essential requirement of being there.  


While you are in Six Men's Bay why not stop for a while and watch the local boat builders either repairing their small wooden fishing boats or even building new boats on the beach, crafting stays or ribs for the boat’s keel from some of the many mahogany logs scattered around. These Bajan workers are generally happy to stop working for a while to chat about the various methods they use in their work.


Keep a look out for photographs and prints of this traditional little fishing bay when you are souvenir shopping in Barbados, as Six Men's Bay is one of the most popular subjects for portraits of the island.




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