Fish Swimming Among Coral, Barbados Pocket Guide

Marine Life

Barbados is highly dependent on the preservation of its coral reefs and fishing industry as an integral source of food, employment and leisurely activity throughout the country.


As immaculately kept as our reefs were years ago, this shouldn't be taken for granted as this upkeep is a continuous process that involves Barbadians and visitors alike. Special attention needs to be paid to what is thrown into the sea that continues to contaminate our reefs and just how we manhandle our corals.


Barbados has a reputation for being the home of the healthiest reefs in the Caribbean and we need to make every effort to keep it that way.


The Barbados Marine Trust

The Barbados Marine Trust is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting environmentally and socially-sustainable use of the marine areas of Barbados. Its membership includes individuals from many different user groups: fishers, dive-operators, hoteliers, water-sports operators, business people, school children, and the community in general.

The Trust wishes to play a major role in assisting the Government of Barbados in the implementation of marine management initiatives, by:

(1) demonstrating how proper management of our marine resources can result in a healthy and productive marine environment thereby providing a legacy for future generations; and

(2) protecting our reefs to ensure that our economy, community, and the livelihoods of our people are sustained.

The Trust is in the process of implementing a long-term marine management plan, which includes the education of the public, and in particular our children, on the importance of, and need for a permanent policy to protect the future of our marine resources.


Folkestone Marine Park

Located in Folkestone on the west coast of Barbados in the parish of St, James, Folkestone Marine Park is a government run Marine Park that houses quite a few water-related activities.


Exhibits of the island's fishing industry, a salt waster aquarium and an interpretive center and museum with marine and coastal environment displays all grace this facility.


There is an interpretive center and museum with marine and coastal environment displays, exhibits of the island's fishing industry and a salt water aquarium. The underwater park zone extends from Sandy Lane to Colony Club and you can rent gear for snorkeling around the fringe reef, or secure a boat for diving. A glass bottom boat also plies the area.


This Marine Park also features a 365 foot Greek freighter wreck that was built in Denmark in 1956. This sunken ship, Stavronikita rests in some 120ft of water and features an artificial reef waiting to be explored by both brave and curious divers. Based on the depth of this wreck, this diving site is recommended for experienced divers.


The Recreational Zone of the Park offers an inshore reef that is home to a vast majority of marine life and ideal for snorkellers.


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