Frontal View of a Shark, Barbados Pocket Guide

Sharks in Barbados?

Many have asked the question "Are there any sharks in Barbados?". Though there are quite a few species caught by our local fishermen, it is not the norm to see sharks in swimming waters of Barbados. Not to mention, shark attacks in the waters of Barbados are not heard of nor have there been any reports of such.


Based on an account from the book "A-Z of Barbados Heritage" HUGHES states how sharks were commonly seen around the ships in Carlisle Bay, apparently since it was common practice to dump overboard any dead bodies from the arriving slave ships.


A fisherman's take on the whole issue of sharks in the waters of Barbados was that sharks prefer cold waters and the mere fact that the island is so heavily surrounded by reefs, that in itself, keeps sharks at bay.


Notwithstanding, dead sharks have been known to be washed ashore Barbados in the past. This too, is not a regular occurrence.


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