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Embassies and Consulates

Embassies and consulates on the island of Barbados look after the interest of their respective nationals along with forging business relationships on the island. They also lend assistance in the event a citizen of one particular embassy or consulate finds himself in a predicament. It doesn't matter where you are travelling to, embassies and consulates can provide assistance in the event of misfortune.

While in Barbados on business or pleasure, a time may come that requires you to seek assistance from your native country. When this occurs, you will certainly need to contact the embassy or consulate for your country. Such assistance can be had by way of providing information pertinent to business listings such as doctors, attorneys, etc and even assistance with misplaced travel documents while on holiday in Barbados.

If you should become involved in an incident with the Police while staying in Barbados, depending on the intensity of the situation, it is advised that you recruit the services of your native country's embassy or consulate.

Visitors to the island of Barbados who are injured or fall ill can easily and readily seek medical assistance through the consular offices on the island. This information is usually passed on to friends and family back home so as to keep them posted and put their minds at ease with regards to the well-being of their loved ones. It is not likely that you will receive financial assistance for a return trip back home but once you have travel insurance, this will certainly cover an expenses.

The terms embassies and consulates are usually used hand in hand despite the fact that they both serve different purposes. Below is a brief description of an embassy and a consulate.

An Embassy

An embassy is larger than a consulate and serves more of an important role as well. An embassy is described as a permanent diplomatic mission which is generally located in a country's capital city. The ambassador is the highest official in the embassy and acting as the chief diplomat and spokesperson for the home government. Ambassadors are typically appointed by the highest level of the home government. In the United States, ambassadors are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate.

Embassies in Barbados represent the relative native country abroad and deal with paramount diplomatic issues. Such issues can involve protecting the rights of citizens abroad. 

A Consulate

A consulate is a smaller version of an embassy. Consulates and their chief diplomat, the consul, handle minor diplomatic issues like issuing visas, aiding in trade relationships and taking care of migrants, tourists, and expatriates.

In addition, the U.S. has Virtual Presence Posts (VPPs) to assist people around the world in learning about the US and the areas in which the VPP is focused. These were created so that the US could have a presence in important areas without physically being there and the areas with the VPPs do not have permanent offices and staff. Some examples of VPPs include the VPP Santa Cruz in Bolivia, the VPP Nunavut in Canada, and the VPP Chelyabinsk in Russia. There are about 50 total VPPs worldwide.

Your passport is always the best from of identification when travelling. In the event of some unforeseen incident throughout the course of your holiday on the island of Barbados, we strongly recommend that you pay a visit to the nearest embassy or consulate of your native country.

List of Embassies and Consulates in Barbados

It is important to note that not every country will have a diplomatic representative in Barbados and that in some instances the affairs of certain nationalities in Barbados may be supervised from a different country. The below contact information is meant for reference purposes only and is therefore likely to change without warning. It is strongly advised that you get specifics from the government of your native land before travelling to Barbados. This way, you are guaranteed to have the most up-to-date information available. Also included below are local emergency contact numbers in Barbados.

Fire: 311
Police: 211 or (246) 430-7100
Ambulance: 511

Honorary Consulate of Austria
Exeter Rd, Navy Gardens
Christ Church, Barbados
Telephone: 246-427-3131

Bahamas Honorary Consulate
102 Husbands Heights
St. James
Telephone: 246-424-5082

Embassy of Brazil
HY Brasil
The Courtyard
Telephone: 246-427-1735 or 435-2113
Fax: 246-427-1744

British High Commission
British High Commission Building
Lower Collymore Rock
St. Michael, Barbados
Telephone: 246-430-7800
Chancery Fax: 246-430-7851
Trade & Investment Fax: 246-430-7826
Management Consular Fax: 246-430-7860

Canadian High Commission
Bishop's Court Hillv
Telephone: 246-429-3550
Fax: 246-429-3780

Haut Commissariat du Canada
Bishop's Court Hill
St. Michael, Barbados
Telephone: 246-429-3550
Fax: 246-429-3780

Honorary Consulate General fo Chile
Atlantis Building, Shallow Draft
Bridgetown, Barbados
Telephone: 246-429-6305

Embassy of the People's Republic of China
17 Golf Club Terrace
Christ Church, Barbados
Telephone: 246-435-6890
Fax: 246-435-8300

Honorary Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany
Suite 1 Pasea Financial Centre
Corner Dayrells Road
Christ Church, Barbados
Telephone: 246-427-1876

Embassy of the Republic of Cuba
Palm View, Erdiston Drive
St. Michael, Barbados
Telephone: 246-435-2769
Fax: 246-435-2534

Consulate of Denmark
Building 1, Upstairs Newton Industrial Park
Newton, Christ Church, Barbados
Telephone: 246-271-4397

Consulate of Italy
Bannatyne Plantation
Christ Church, Barbados
Telephone: 246-437-1228

Consulate of Sweden
Worthing Main Road
Christ Church, Barbados
Telephone: 246-435-7051

Consulate of the Swiss Embassy
24 Cane Garden Heights
St. Thomas, Barbados
Telephone: 246-425-3281

Embassy of the United States of America
Wildey Business Park
St. Michael, Barbados
Telephone: 246-227-4000
Fax: 246-227-4088
Website: (General Information) -
Email: AmCit and General Enquiry -
Website: Visa Appointments -

Embassy of Venezuela
Hasting Main Road
Christ Church, Barbados
Telephone: 246-435-7619
Fax: 246-435-7830

European Union Delegation to Barbados & the Eastern Caribbean
Mervue House
Marine Gardens
Christ Church, Barbados
Telephone: 246-434-8501
Fax: 246-427-8687

Guyana Consulate
19 Pearl Drive
Eden Terrace
St. Michael, Barbados
Telephone: 246-417-4027

Honorary Consulate General of Israel
Palmetto Street
St. Michael, Barbados
Telephone: 246-426-4764

Mexican Consulate
Chancery House
High Street
St. Michael, Barbados
Telephone: 246-431-0070

The Netherlands Consulate
Atlantis Building
The Shallow Draft
St. Michael, Barbados
Telephone: 246-436-1130

Organisation of American States
Harts Gap
Christ Church, Barbados
Telephone: 246-426-1564 or 426-1565
Fax: 246-427-5038


Do remember to get specifics from the government of your native land before travelling to Barbados. This way, you are guaranteed to have the most up-to-date information available.

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