Portrait of a Doctor, Barbados Pocket Guide


The role of a doctor is to figure out what is wrong when a patient is unwell. They listen attentively, tests thoroughly and guide accordingly. They are also known to give guidance on diet, physical exercise and sometimes alternative treatments.

When staying in Barbados, you can be seen by a general practitioner or medical doctor if the need arises. When a situation is out of the hands of the aforementioned, they will readily refer you to any of the many highly qualified and talented specialists on the island, who will go based on their expertise to advise you in the best possible way.

Doctors in Barbados operate from any of the two (2) main hospitals on the island, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Bayview Hospital. Doctors are also available at the emergency centers on the island, Sandy Crest Medical Centre and FMH Emergency.

Private practices are scattered all throughout Barbados, thereby making medical care quite accessible to the whole island.

For a full listing of the doctors available in Barbados, click here.


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