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Police Service in Barbados

The Police Service in Barbados is one that protects property and maintains civil order. The enforcement of the law constitutes only a part of the duties associated with police service. Policing in Barbados is inclusive of various activities dependant on the situation at the given time.


Royal Barbados Police Band

The Royal Barbados Police Band in Barbados was founded in 1889 with a complement of 19 serving policemen. Known as one of the oldest bands in the world today, this internationally acclaimed band is well respected all over the world and plays a mixture of calypso, salsa and light jazz with performances that are well attended all over the island.


The very first tour headed to St. Lucia in 1945 and since then, the band has toured extensively overseas. In 1962, history was made when the Royal Barbados Police Force became the first ever military band to broadcast via satelite while on the Ed Sullivan Show. Other performances were made at the Edinburgh Tattoo in Scotland, Disney World in Florida, Music of the Nations in Germany, Earls Court in London, Radio City in the USA, UK, Europe, Canada and the Caribbean.


Click here for copies of their CDs which can be seen and purchased though the aforementioned website.


A Listing of Police Stations in Barbados

Division         Station/Post         Address         Telephone No.
Bridgetown Division         Central        

Coleridge Street,
St. Michael

        (246) 430-7676
          District A        

Station Hill,
St. Michael

        (246) 430-7242
          Worthing         Worthing,
Christ Church
        (246) 430-7614
          Hastings         Hastings,
St. Michael
        (246) 430-7608
          Black Rock         Black Rock,
St. Michael
        (246) 417-7501
          Deacons         Deacons Farm,
St. Michael
        (246) 417-7505
          New Orleans         New Orleans,
St. Michael
        (246) 430-7224
Northern Division         Holetown         Holetown,
St. James
        (246) 419-1700
          Crab Hill         Crab Hill,
St. Lucy
        (246) 439-8065
          Belleplaine         Belleplaine,
St. Andrew
        (246) 419-1733
          District D         Holetown,
St. James
        (246) 419-1726
          District E         Speightstown,
St. Peter
        (246) 419-1730
          District F         St. Joseph         (246) 433-1540
          Haynesville         Haynesville,
St. James
        (246) 438-4869
Southern Division         Oistins         Oistins,
Christ Church
        (246) 418-2606
          District B         Boarded Hall,
St. George
        (246) 437-4311
          District C         Station Hill,
St. Philip
        (246) 416-8200
          Airport         Seawell,
Christ Church
        (246) 418-4311

St. Andrew

        (246) 430-6815
          Silver Hill         Silver Hill,
Christ Church
        (246) 418-2648
Miscellaneous         Police Complaints Authority         Hincks Street,
St. Michael
        (246) 429-2243
          Police Band         Station Hill,
St. Philip
        (246) 430-7282
          Barbados Police Association        

St. Peter

        (246) 437-4311
          Police Sports Club         Weymouth,
St. Michael
        (246) 427-0018
          Police Boys & Girls Club         Bay Street,
St. Michael
        (246) 437-3541
          Police Credit Union         Lightfoot Lane,
St. Michael
        (246) 436-9355
          Police Training Centre         Seawell,
Christ Church

(246) 418-2634



Click here for further information on Police Stations in Barbados or contact them at the following numbers: Emergency: 211, Hotline: (246) 429-8787 or PBX (246) 430-7100.


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