Islandwide Ambulance Services on the Road, Kadooment Day, Barbados Pocket GuideAmbulance Services in Barbados

Ambulance services in Barbados are aimed at providing high levels of care for patients who are in need of such ultra-modern equipment. High quality and dependable service are just a few properties that enable these service providers to fulfill island-wide calls effectively.


With staff who are all competently trained, knowledgeable and possessing the necessary clinical skills needed, the ambulance services available in Barbados are more than capable of dealing with the most demanding situations that the island may face at any given time.


The Ambulance Service in Barbados provides transportation for any patient who requires such a service. Safety and comfort are fully guaranteed.


Sparman Clinic

Sparman Clinic Ambulance, Barbados Pocket GuideThe Sparman Clinic is the only Walk-in Chest Pain Clinic in Barbados. Within one (1) hour we can detect if a chest pain is heart-related.


A full cardiac evaluation includes a consultation, physical examination and an EKG. Additional testing of a non-invasive or invasive nature can be performed.


We also run a 24hr ambulance service which can pick up and deliver to any facility on the island and is manned by a team of Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT's).


For more information on the Sparman Clinic, call 62-HEART (43278) / 436-5839, Fax: 624-3275 or click here.


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