A Devastated Chicken Farm in St. Lucy After the Passing of Tropical Storm Tomas in October of 2010, Barbados Pocket Guide

Emergency Management Services in Barbados

Barbados is in no way exempt from the possible natural disasters or misfortunes that the Caribbean is proned to on a yearly basis. As such, emergency management services have been implemented in an effort to effectively deal with the onset of such situations.


Barbados is always urged to engage in emergency management planing so that the country is not caught off-guard at any given time. As such, effective organisation and management of disasters and other emergencies in Barbados have become a thing of the norm. Emergency plans focus on various co-ordinated agencies within the government and how best they can designate responsibilities when the need arises.


Admittedly, some aspects of the housing stock in Barbados can fall under the vulnerable bracket. In the event of a hurricane, the greatest challenge will certainly be low income housing. Should there be a mass evacuation in Barbados, plans have been implemented that have identified a number of buildings to accommodate Barbadians seeking shelter.


Tropical storms, hurricanes, heavy rains and earth tremors, one of each or more have been somewhat expected at some point in time throughout the course of any given year. These natural disasters can result in lost of lives, homes or crops. Emergency management services in Barbados are very much geared towards ensuring that the people of Barbados are always kept on their toes when it comes to preparedness and effectively dealing with any emergencies.


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