Local Jewellery on Sale at Holetown Festival, St. James, Barbados Pocket Guide


Shopping for souvenirs in Barbados is really a treat as you get to meet many of the craftspeople who create many of these beautiful and one of a kind pieces. Of course you are likely to find the usual souvenirs like lighters, key rings, beach towels, T-shirts and so on. But nothing beats the typically Barbadian made souvenirs to help you remember the wonderful time you spent on the island of Barbados.


On a visit to any of the local souvenir shops or vendors, you are likely to find replicas of the Barbadian Monkey jars which were once used to keep drinking water cool in this very hot tropical climate, along with other examples of Barbadian pottery. Many visitors to the island also like to take a taste of Barbados back home with them for themselves, their friends and loved ones. Some of the more popular traditional Barbadian food items include…


Bajan Great Cake (known as Rum Cake or Black Cake by the locals)
Hot Pepper Sauce
Barbados Rum
• Cockspur Rum
• Mount Gay Rum
• Bajan Rum Punch


Visitors to Barbados could also acquire other unique souvenirs of their trip to Barbados like the very popular products from Medford Craft World. Here visitors can get handmade clocks made in the shape of the island of Barbados, small statuettes of dolphins and flying fish, lamps and many other things all made of beautiful Barbados mahogany.


Visitors can also get fitted for a pair of custom made leather sandals or shoes made by some very talented craftspeople who can be found almost all over the island especially in the Pelican Village where many craftspeople work and sell their crafts. Taking home a small reminder of your vacation here in Barbados is one sure way for you to stay connected to our beautiful island home and hopefully you will want to keep coming back to make Barbados your second home, right here in paradise.




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