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Hot Pepper Sauce

This is very popular as it is used for adding a touch of spiciness to foods in Barbados. Made from hot peppers, this once home-made product is now being served commercially. It is alleged that you can tell a person who is an avid drinker, by the amount of hot sauce they use on their foods.

Hot peppers are usually red or yellow with many seeds inside. There are a variety of brands of pepper sauce in Barbados. Some of these are the famous Lottie's original Barbados Red Hot Pepper Sauce and Windmill Pepper Sauce.

The pepper is also used for therapeutic purposes in Barbados. In alternative medicine, the most used variety of hot pepper is cayenne. The dried up hot pepper has some healing qualities as well. The hot pepper is used for healing wounds once it is in the powder stage. It destroys germs and quickens the healing process and is also used for sinus decongestion. In a glass of water add hot pepper powder and stir well, inhale in each nostril to unclog it. Hot peppers can be used as an antiseptic as they regulate blood circulation, strengthen the heart nerves and arteries and eliminate pain.

However, consuming hot peppers is not advisable in various stomachs, liver, urinary disorders and in hemorrhages because they worsen the effects of the diseases, seeing that they are irritating.

Half a hot pepper should be taken a day in order to stimulate the nervous system and to be in high spirits. The hot pepper powder is made from dried up and ground hot peppers. In various treatments it heals the infections at the level of the tooth gums and the abscesses; decongests the sinuses and cures cold. 

Traditionally called 'the great appetizer', pepper sauce is still the number one choice among the people of Barbados.

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