Nut Cake

The people of Barbados have a very sweet tooth so nut cake is no stranger to our local candies. A nut cake is a kind of peanut brittle made into round pieces.


In Barbados, they are sold on public areas or streets along with other sweets, traditionally in a glass case or on a seller's tray. Unlike as the name suggests, this is not a cake which is baked in an oven. Instead the sugar which is used to make this snack is boiled until it reaches its correct consistency, then the spices and nuts are added.


A nut is a fruit with a hard shell of some plants. Peanuts are used in nut cakes. The peanut is also known as ground nuts, monkey nuts or pig nuts. Once the peanut shell splits open it reveals either two or three seeds with brown coats. They can be eaten as is or be roasted. Peanuts are also consumed as salted nuts, peanut butter or peanut brittle.


Some Health Benefits of Peanuts

There are some great health benefits about peanuts. A high amount of protein can be found in nuts which is great for persons who are underweight and weak. They are also a good source of Coenzyme Q10 which protects the heart when there is a lack of oxygen. To keep your arteries up and running, unsalted peanuts are a good source. Peanuts also contain iron, Vitamin E and are rich in calcium.




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