Bajan Sugar Cakes

Sugar Cake

Sugar Cake is made with coconut and sugar and baked in moulds. It is very popular amongst children and adults in Barbados. This very sweet dish can carry a variety of colours such as pink white or even brown depending on the flavour and food dye used in the sugar cake. These are also displayed in glass cases by vendors and sellers throughout Barbados.


Sugar cakes are one of the easiest made sweets. Just boil sugar and water together, add grated coconut until the mixtures thickens, and all the while be sure to stir constantly. Using a spoon drop the mixture onto a tray in lumps to dry.


The coconut tree is generally found in Barbados and on any tropical island. Coconut water from the young coconut has been very popular in Barbados for many years. Along the islands' highways, particularly on Sunday, you will find coconuts being sold on the roadside from as early as 6 (six) o'clock. The meat of the coconut is grated and can be used in other local delicacies like coconut bread, ice cream, coconut pies and of course sugar cake. Coconut leaves are plaited together to make hats for souvenirs or for heated conditions. They are also used to make yard brooms.


Sugar is produced either as 'white sugar' and granulated sugar (brown sugar). Too much sugar intake has said to be the cause of expanding waistlines, obesity, high sugar levels, tooth decay and even hyperactivity in children. Sugar, sends glucose straight to the blood, causing insulin levels to increase while you experience a quick burst of energy. Unfortunately, this burst of energy does not last very long as it just leaves you hungry and craving more. That in turn makes you increase your calorie intake by making you eat more.


Considering how sweet the sugar cake is you should drink a nice tall glass of Barbados' very own Bowmanston Liquer to wash down the sugary after effects.


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