Pig Tails

Pig Tails

As the name suggests, it is the tail of the pig. This name is also given to a hair style with a pair of two braids or ponytails on opposite sides of the head. However for this article we shall learn about the food.


Barbados is well known for its pigtails. They are a very popular salt meat that can be used when making rice and peas to season the dish because it is salted. In Barbados, pigtails are barbequed at the side of the streets and are quite delicious. Pigtails are popular at all of Barbados' street festivals which include Holetown Festival, Oistins Fish Festival, Kadooment Day and Bridgetown Market.


Pork can be found throughout Barbados in supermarkets or at the different markets. One supermarket well known in Barbados for its promotion of pork is Carlton Supermarket located in Black Rock, St. Michael and Emerald City Supermarket located in St. Philip both owned by prominent business man Mr. Andrew Bynoe.


Pork is low in salt and is a good source of protein and several vitamins and minerals required for good health. These include iron, zinc and B12.


Pigs have a reputation of being dirty animals as they eat anything that they can find. However, once cleaned and prepared properly it is the sweetest meat around. In Barbados, some persons consider pork to be the healthy alternative to beef but it requires special precautions because if handled improperly it can make you ill and even lead up to death.


Although pork has some health benefits, there are some disadvantages to this delicious meat. Pigs are susceptible to infection by parasites that live in their muscles. Trichinosis is the disease caused by such parasites and this is the biggest risk of eating pork. However, the people of Barbados are experts at the cleaning, storing and preparing of this meat so when you are in this lovely island don't hesitate to try this delicacy.




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