Bajan Macaroni Pie

Affectionally referred to as "pie" in Barbados, this dish is Barbados' modern day version of the boxed "mac and cheese" but with a Caribbean flair. It comprises of macaroni, milk, eggs, onions, sweet pepper, ketchup, seasonings and grated cheddar cheese. This dish is usually accompanied with fried flying fish or chicken. It is very common in most households as well as through out Barbados. It can be found at almost every supermarket deli or food court through out Barbados. A popular spot where you can find this dish is in Oistins, Christ Church (fishing village) particularly on Friday nights for their weekly fish fry. At this event you have the choice of trying pie with a variety of other Caribbean fish e.g. red snapper, blue marlin.


Oistins is home to Barbados' Oistins Fish Festival held around Easter time in April directly after Holetown Festival which is in February. The Holetown Festival commemorates the landing  of the first settlers to Holetown, St. James in Barbados in February 1627. The main events of Barbados' fish festival are held on the Saturday before Easter and the Monday after which is also a bank holiday here in Barbados. Anyone can tell when this festival has begun by the loud sound of an empty conch shell which is no easy feat. The blowing of this shell takes tenacity and very strong lungs. A conch shell is the shell from a tropical invertebrate ocean animal. Both locals and visitors frequent Oistins for the festival to witness exciting events such as a greased - pole climbing competition and a fish - boning competition, partake in karaoke or to grab a special treat from a local street side vendor specializing in foods, toys for the kids or memorabilia ranging from printed tees to handmade jewelry all depicting some form of our local culture.


Also if you happen to venture into the popular St. Lawrence Gap or "The Gap" as it is also known, located in Christ Church, plenty vendors are outside of the bars and night clubs serving this magnificent meal. Macaroni Pie goes down great after a night out with friends or on the way from a scenic stroll from one of our beautiful southern beaches here in Barbados. The Gap is a stretch of one of Barbados' road, famous for its nightlife, restaurants, hotel accommodation and good shopping.




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