Bowmanston Liquer

This non alcoholic drink is consumed everyday in Barbados. This is so because this drink is just a glass of water. It is named after a pumping station in the parish of St. John called Bowmanston pumping station. The station which belongs to the Barbados Water Authority, pumps the water from an underground lake. Water is very important for day to day survival and in Barbados access to safe drinking water is very common. Water is used for various reasons such as agriculture, drinking, washing and recreation to name a few.


Water is used in agriculture to keep produce alive and plentiful. The body should have 1-7 litres of water per day to avoid dehydration. This intake usually increases around our annual Crop Over season held in July through August. Here water is needed to help cool down the body from the excessive heat either by way of drinking it or by pouring it all over the body. In Barbados, water can be found in supermarkets, shops or stores on sale but you can also find water  readily available  in homes or even at our standpipes across Barbados.


Water can also be used for recreational purposes. In Barbados, some of these recreational purposes include water skiing, surfing, diving, boating or swimming. The children of Barbados also use water when 'play fighting' with water guns and water balloons.


When in Barbados and you have the urge for a refreshing drink, feel free to get a glass of Bowmanston liquor.




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