Cheese cutter

Cheese Cutter

In Barbados any sandwich which includes our very own golden brown Bajan Salt Bread, is called a 'cutter'. Now when you combine a slice of cheese with freshly baked Bajan Salt bread, you will be rewarded with a cheese cutter, as simple as it may seem, here in Barbados we strive on making the best out of everything, adding our own flavor and making each creation a unique touch of ingenuity! 

A Bajan salt bread, which is by no means salty, can either be whole-wheat for those seeking a healthy retreat or the regular golden brown variety. It resembles a large round bun, and opens up to a puffy, soft inside waiting to be filled.

Cheese cutters can be done with a splash of mustard, others choose to add Barbados' unique brand of hot pepper sauce. Fried eggs are also a popular addition as well as luncheon meat. Healthy eaters can add anything from lettuce to tomato, even cucumbers to their cheese cutter.

In Barbados it's all about your choice, your taste and our flavour! Cheese cutters were around for many years. It is one of the easiest snacks that can be made. Found in many a shop as a breakfast meal, street side food vendors may have this easy to make delicacy for those on the move requiring a quick meal between breaks.

Children to adults may even have their special own creation of Cheese Cutter hidden away in their lunch bags waiting to be consumed. Which ever way you slice it, a cheese cutter is here to stay and it is definitely a part of the culture Barbados calls its' own.

Take a break and be sure to try our lovely cheese cutters but the question is "What would you put in yours?".

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