Bread & Two

Now I know what you're thinking… what is a Bread & Two? Fortunately, here in the lovely Island of Barbados we have the answer. Bread & Two is the name given to 2 fish cakes in a Bajan Salt bread.


A  Bajan salt bread is a lightly golden bun which unlike the name is not at all salty. The Salt bread can either be white, which is the regular bread or whole-wheat for the more conscientious eater.


Fish cakes are a small delicacy in Barbados made up of onions, peppers, flour, a little baking powder, salt and salted cod fish. Fish cakes can be eaten alone or with a nice dip.


No one is sure who came up with the idea to combine these two delicacies (or is three?) but the idea has taken these two on a delicious journey, sure to envelop the minds of those willing to try this combination.


These are mainly served at small shops and rum shops throughout Barbados. One popular vendor to supply its own kind of fish cakes is known as 'Hot Legendary Fish Cakes'. Stalls with this name are situated in various parts of Barbados but one of note is located in Oistins, a popular area known for its fish, Friday night social events, karaoke and the popular Oistins Fish Festival held in April for the Easter celebrations. Greeted with warm spirited Bajan hospitality, you can have a choice of white or whole-wheat Bajan Salt breads with or without cheese, and any number of fish cakes to stuff your delectable Bajan salt bread.


For those a little more adventurous, you can also try our  pepper sauce made right here in Barbados, but don't forget the Mauby (a local beverage made from tree bark) to wash down each bite.



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