Egg Cutter

As kids growing up in Barbados, we always asked the million-dollar question: "Which came first? The chicken or the egg?". Now the answer is a little difficult to fathom but the solution is very well received. The solution is a step by step process accomplished only in the lovely tropical island of Barbados.


Step one is to acquire a Bajan salt bread, which unlike the name is not salty in the least. Bajan salt breads are baked daily, resemble a small golden bun and can be found in any bakery or supermarket. There is also a whole-wheat Bajan salt bread for those making the healthy choice.


Step two is locate an egg by any means necessary (lets keep it legal folks) and prepare it for consumption. The egg can be fried or scrambled. If you are curious for a suggestion, the more popular option is fried.


Now Step three, which is a very important step is to combine your egg with our local Bajan salt bread and your reward would be an Egg Cutter! Egg Cutters are a simple, welcomed delicacy in Barbados and are usually found in rum shops which as the name suggests, specializes in liquors and beers. The occasional eats and egg cutters can also be found at some street-side food vendors.


Egg Cutters are most often a breakfast choice or as a snack at lunch. Some can be found with a slice of cheese, a hint of our very own hot pepper sauce or a splash of ketchup. Connoisseurs of fine dining may have attempted to combine all three elements aboard their own personal concoction of egg cutters, maybe even some tossed salad but one thing is for certain, Barbados is the only place you can complete this challenge. Can you create the perfect egg cutter?


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