Chocolate fudge

Chocolate Fudge

Persons in Barbados have quite a sweet tooth. It is no wonder that chocolate fudge, also known as 'grained caramel' is one of our local candies we have to offer.


It is alleged that fudge making began in America in one of the campuses during the 1890s. Some persons believe that fudge got its nickname because it is said to have began from a botch of caramel.


Fudge, like caramel, toffee and brittle begins with sugar. Chocolate fudge consists of chocolate, corn syrup and milk, which are boiled together with sugar until a soft consistency is reached. The fudge is then removed from the heat and left to cool.


As easy as it sounds, making fudge is very tricky. One main thing that must be considered is not to make the fudge on a humid day, as this can cause the grain to be grainy. Barbados is well known for its sun, beautiful beaches and relentless heat but a nice cool breeze keeps the heat at bay and provides cooler days on the island.


You can store fudge for up to one week at room temperature or it can be frozen if it is needed to be kept longer. There are many types of fudge. Some of these are Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge, Chocolate Mint fudge, White Chocolate Fudge and Christmas Fudge. If you love the taste of chocolate you will enjoy chocolate fudge. Fudge can be found throughout Barbados at various street vendors, shops and supermarkets. It is advised to make sure you drink some water after having any of Barbados' candies to wash down the sweetness of the snack.




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