A Bag of Fresh Bajan Salt Bread, Barbados Pocket Guide

Bajan Salt Bread

This traditional bread made in Barbados, is one of the only breads that isn't very sweet. However don't let the name fool you. This bread is definitely not salty. This bread can be used to accommodate almost any filling. This local delicacy is the housing for the popular bread & two which consists of salt bread filled with two fish cakes

Also the casual cheese cutter as the name may be a little misleading, is actually a slice of cheese nestled into the salt bread and for the more adventurous there is also the egg & cheese cutter.

You can find salt breads at bakeries and bread shops throughout the island of Barbados. A pack usually contains six (6) salt breads sold in clear plastic bags. However to find a Bajan Salt Bread readily prepared with fish cakes, cheese, fish or luncheon meat, you may have to traverse through the eleven (11) parishes of Barbados, into a local bar referred to as a rum shop. A rum shop in Barbados is easily identified by a colorful exterior painted to represent a brand of liquor and or a number of male patrons outside conversing in lovely Bajan dialect or playing an interactive game of dominoes at any time of the day.

Bajan Salt Breads found in supermarkets or bakeries in Barbados are baked daily and would usually be accompanied by a piece of khus grass on the bread, but do not be afraid! This is to preserve the freshness of the bread. Enjoy!

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