Bajan Pepperpot

Pepper Pot

Pepperpot is a dish which originated in Guyana but is well known in Barbados. It is a stewed meat dish, flavoured with spices and hot peppers. Pork, beef or mutton are the most commonly used meats for this dish which is served with bread and butter although it can be served with rice.


In Barbados, pepperpot was traditionally cooked in earthenware jars. Earthenware is a common ceramic material which is used for pottery tableware and decorative objects. Once boiled everyday, pepperpot can last for a very long time once no vegetables are added.


Casareep is the juice of the bitter cassava root and is used to preserve pepperpot. Cassava, one of Barbados' ground provisions, is the long tuberous roots of the cassava plant, sometimes called cassava "sticks".


In Barbados, there are two varieties of cassava, sweet and bitter. The sweet cassava which has brown roots is used as a vegetable and boiled. The bitter one is black, rough skinned and is known to be poisonous when cooked in the same way as the sweet cassava. However, it is processed and produces cassava flour and starch.


Although pepperpot is known as a dish in Barbados, it has different meanings in other countries. Pepperpot may refer to:

A container for storing and applying ground black pepper


Mrs. Pepperpot, a fictional character in a series of children's books


Pepper Pot, Brighton, a building in Brighton, England


Pepperpot, Godalming, a building in Godalming, Surrey, England Pepperpot (lighthouse), a type of small lighthouse


Pepperpot (revolver), a multi-shot handheld firearm


Philadelphia Pepper Pot, a thick stew of beef tripe, vegetables, pepper and other seasonings




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