Pottery on Display at Holetown Festival, St. James, Barbados Pocket Guide


The rural district of Chalky Mount on the island of Barbados is well known for its abundance of red clay which is used by the talented Barbadian craftspeople to create beautifully made decorative and functional pieces of art. Many of their pieces hearken back to a bygone era effectively linking the past to the present and beautifully securing the future.


Many of the potteries located in Barbados host demonstrations of their skill and dexterity at their craft; some may even invite you to take a turn at the potter's wheel to try your hand at creating that one of a kind vase or bowl. In addition to being a very therapeutic activity it is also quite messy and fun.


Alongside some of the more modern pieces like dinnerware sets, abstract vases and other ornamental trinkets that make wonderful souvenirs of your visit to Barbados, you will also see some examples of traditional pottery like the monkey jar which was used to keep water cool in the very hot climate of Barbados. This simple device was simply ingenious and not too bad to look at either. In fact, many of the unique pieces produced here on the island of Barbados are downright stunning.


Some of the well known potteries and galleries in Barbados are listed below, come and browse and take in the creative atmosphere and then make your selection and take home an authentic piece of Barbados for yourself and to share with loved ones.


You can always find small souvenirs made of the red clay of Barbados in just about any arts and craft shop on the island and anywhere that souvenirs are sold.


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