Bridgetown Cruise Terminal

The Bridgetown Cruise Terminal offers visitors to the island of Barbados the cultural taste of the Bajan shopping experience. The cruise terminal has approximately twenty (20) duty free shops which offer a wide variety of goods which include fine and decorative china, exquisite jewelry, a variety of electronic items and many treats and delicacies associated with Barbados.


Within the terminal many of the stores are set up to resemble the traditional Barbadian Chattel House, along with several vendors plying their wares from push carts reminiscent of the traditional Bajan bread carts of yesteryear. The usual modern storefronts are also in residence and many of these facilities offer fine perfumes and jewelry for sale and of course, the world famous liquors which Barbados has to offer.


Outside of the terminal building you will also find vendors selling a variety of locally handcrafted items including clothing, souvenirs, condiments, and much, much more.  


Additionally, as you leave the terminal and make your way into Barbados' capital city, Bridgetown (which is just a short walk straight out of the terminal) you will be pleasantly accosted by a collection of beautifully decorated replicas of the traditional Bajan Chattel House. These houses serve as shops for some local artisans who not only sell their work from these locations but also do much their work right there. You might even be lucky to get a demonstration by the artists as they go about their daily work.




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