Jewellery on Display at a Duty Free Shop in Bridgetown, St. Michael, Barbados Pocket Guide

Duty-Free Shopping

Duty free shopping in Barbados is simply being able to purchase items without the added importation tax that is levied on all luxury items brought into Barbados. Under the duty free arrangement, if these items are purchased by visitors to the island who will eventually be departing the island, then the importation tax will not be charged.


Barbados has several stores that offer duty free shopping which are located across the breadth of the island. Duty free shopping is available in the following stores…
• All Cave Shepherd stores
• All outlets of Diamonds International
• The Royal Shop
• The Stores at the West Coast Mall
• Limegrove Lifestyle Centre


even the stores found within some hotels provide this amenity. Some of these hotels include…


The Crane Beach Hotel
Sandy Lane Hotel
Hilton Barbados
Colony Club Hotel & others.


Please be mindful that in order to be able to take advantage of this facility in Barbados, you must be in possession of your travel documents (Passports, airline or Cruise documents with a valid departure date) at the time of making your purchases.


It is important to note also that not all items are eligible for the duty free concession and some items like certain alcohol and cigarettes that can be purchased at duty free prices, have to be collected at the airport when you are leaving Barbados.  


Also of note, items that can be bought at duty free prices have a price tag which clearly states the various prices for the item. The tag will display the local price (LP) in Barbados dollars, the duty free price (DF) in Barbados dollars and finally the duty free price (DF) in US dollars. Once you have made your purchase, a receipt will be printed in triplicate and you will receive two copies, one will be your personal copy and the other copy is to be deposited into the appropriate box located at the Grantley Adams International Airport when you leave.


In any case, make sure that you are able to take full advantage of the duty free shopping available on the island of Barbados, by always having your travel documents handy; you can save as much as 60% on some of the items that are waiting just for you.




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