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Sandy Lane Hotel


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Sandy Lane, St. James, Barbados
Tel: (246) 444-2000
Fax: (246) 444-2222

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 For half a century, the Sandy Lane Hotel in Barbados has resonated locally with persons from all walks of life and internationally, with the rich and famous and all categories of celebrities. It is renowned for its service, its surroundings and its staff; offering excitement and intrigue to both groups and individuals alike, no matter the purpose of the stay. 

Though classified as an exclusive facility, it is the intent that every guest receives equitable treatment and that persons, though surrounded by luxury, are made to feel welcome and comfortable, lacking nothing to detract from their stay. There are at least 8 different categories of rooms, and one can avail of villas, penthouses or ocean-front rooms, each with its differentiated offering, making it unique and special to its resident guest.

The opportunities for dining and relaxation at Sandy Lane are unsurpassable. Numerous options are provided for guests to partake of a remarkable culinary experience each and every time. L’Acajou offers light cuisine; the Bajan Blue extends to its patrons the opportunity to avail of meals prepared with a pot-pourri of European, Asian and Caribbean influences. Aside from these dining areas, there are at least 5 other bars aside from those created in the above-mentioned restaurants.

The Sandy Lane property has brought much distinction to the island of Barbados. Its grounds and buildings have been featured in many magazines and websites and it has been the venue for many weddings (celebrity and local) and important meetings. Its location can be used for many forms of celebratory events and, all such queries should be directed to their Banquets and Events management team.


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