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Little Good Harbour


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Shermans, St. Lucy, Barbados
Tel: (246) 439-3000
Fax: (246) 439-2020

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In the north of Barbados, Little Good Harbour attracts vacationers who like to get-away-from-it-all and appreciate a higher degree of independence on their travels. The cluster of mini-villas make holidays with friends and family a breeze with more personal space yet with all the conveniences and luxury amenities often offered by four star establishments.

Most of the property is made up of cottages that are dotted amongst weaving pathways of tropical foliage and are designed to blend in to their surrounds. While the exterior is strongly influenced by the Barbados chattel house style architecture the interiors blend Caribbean, Colonial and Indonesian influences into cosy, comfortable and contemporary homes. Beach towels, bathrobes, hair dryers and toiletries are all provided. The ten (10) single bedroom split-level suites are perfect for couples and all suites include extensively equipped kitchens. Recreational gourmets can go wild with local produce from the  Speightstown market just three (3) kilometres down the road. Set between the fishing villages at Six Mens Bay and Half Moon Fort, Little Good Harbour enjoys a stretch of coastline less travelled where local communities have maintained much of their character and life continues a lot as it did in years gone by. 

Fort Rupert is of historical note and was named for English King, Charles I's nephew in the mid-17th century. Charles was deposed by Thomas Cromwell which divided the loyalties of all citizens and gave rise to the British Civil War. The local government in Barbados was staunchly royalist and resented the meddling of the new Cromwellian regime in the island's commercial affairs. Cromwell was provoked into dispatching a military force to bring Barbados back under control and the island resisted tooth and nail defending its shores from forts such as this one along its northern shores. What is left of Fort Rupert now houses a number of sumptuous oceanfront suites.

Far from the firing of canons, today's visitors will enjoy a tranquil and pristine coastline. Aside from the two shady on-property pools, the sea bathing is gentle and excellent for families with young children. Padded beach chairs and beach-side gazebos encourage long lazy afternoons that are perfect with a page-turner and if you are in the mood for a bit more pampering you can always sign up for a luxury treatment at the spa. It is likely that you will be so relaxed that cooking will be far from your agenda. In that case The Fish Pot, the hotel's own delightful waterfront restaurant (serves breakfast, lunch and dinner) will be a winner. The classy continental menu, personable service and bubbling atmosphere puts this Barbados restaurant as a top pick by any west coast aficionado. 

Should you have the energy for a bit of exploration during your Barbados holiday, St. Nicholas Abbey and Arlington House Museum are two cultural stops not far away that should not be missed.  

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