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West Coast Hotels

The west coast of Barbados is otherwise known as the "Gold Coast" but in recent times has been duly upgraded to the title of "Platinum Coast". Such as accolade is fitting as when one takes a drive around this side of Barbados, it becomes evident that there is cerainly something different about it. Stunning, prestigious, inviting, exciting, luxurious, exquisite and the descriptions can go on and on.


Sugar Cane Club Ad, Barbados Pocket Guide


A breakdown of the category West Coast Hotels includes:-

All Seasons Resort-Europa Mango Bay
Almond Beach Village Royal Westmoreland Golf and Country Club
Cobblers Cove Hotel Sandy Lane Hotel
Colony Club Hotel Settlers Beach Villa Hotel
Coral Reef Club Sugar Cane Club Hotel and Spa
Crystal Cove Hotel Tamarind Cove Hotel
Discovery Bay Barbados The Sandpiper
Fairmont Royal Pavilion Hotel Treasure Beach Hotel
Little Good Harbour


Just about all the hotels on Barbados' west coast are located on the beach. You can only begin to imagine how well this augurs for those visitors who want to take full advantage of the beach facilitiies available on this side of the island. The pristine beaches on the west coast are in no way as aggressive as on the Atlantic side of the island, thereby making it quite suitable for swimming, diving, snorkelling and other beach activities. Hotels on the west coast vary in price tag so finding one that suits yours needs should not be an issue.


For those who are seeking out a more prestigious five-star property, then Sandy Lane would be your ultimate option. Catering to wealthy individuals, stars or statesmen, it has been a part of Barbados' landscape since 1961.


Staying on the beach is not always the preferred option for travelers and this too can be accommodated with hotels such as Sugar Cane Club Hotel & Spa. Come and discover the harmonious blend of luxury, tranquillity and seclusion of this hill top boutique hotel overlooking the exotic West Coast of Barbados.


Should we also mention that the west coast of Barbados has become an enviable location for those who want to admire the sunset of the day? We certainly should!! Though the sun is gradually disappearing beyond the island's horizon, one can't help but feel somewhat connected to this almost fire-like ball that will grace our island again in the early morning when it rises in the east. Sunsets on the beautiful island of Barbados are truly glorious. This spectacular evening show put on by nature is certainly a must-see that airs just about the same time every day and can be viewed from the very balcony of your hotel.


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