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Royal Westmoreland Golf & Country Club


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St James, Barbados
Tel: (246) 419-0394 

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Imagine 750 acres of flat and inundating landscape, perfectly manicured green lawns and pristine surroundings. Picture then, villas and vacation homes of fine architectural quality strategically positioned across this landscape. Whether you are interested in purchasing or simply wish to arrange a short-term rental, the luxurious exclusivity of Royal Westmoreland in the parish of St. James in Barbados will be extremely appealing.

On this property, one can enjoy a first-class golf course, a full-service spa experience, tennis courts and superb dining facilities. At each of these, one can expect to obtain some of the highest standards of service delivery on the island and all employees are trained to meet this requirement. A state-of-the-art gym facility forms part of the services offered at this fine resort.

The concept at Royal Westmoreland surrounds providing its holiday guests and owners the experience of a lifetime. Each villa and apartment contains basic elements to satisfy the sensibilities of the most discerning guest. Bose stereo systems, dedicated housekeepers, stainless steel appliances and modern equipped kitchens represent only a minuscule offering of the holistic package available at this exquisite Barbados resort.

As an indication of the calibre of Royal Westmoreland, this section of the island surpasses gold and is affectionately referred to as “The Platinum Coast”. Consequently, a visit to an island would be sorely incomplete if a trip to the beach was omitted; the beautiful Mullins Beach on Mullins Bay is the designated beach for the guests at Royal Westmoreland. Rest assured that the experience there, which includes a private beachfront deck and a free shuttle to and from the resort, is fit for royalty.


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