Barbados has quite a number of hardware stores on the island. They range from the very small that only stock basic hardware items like nails, screws, paint and the like to the larger outlets which stock everything from nails to barbecue grills and lighting fixtures and even building materials like concrete blocks and all kinds of lumber.  


If you are looking for a one stop shop then you might consider one of the larger local hardware store chains like Carters, Do-It-Best Home Centre or maybe Marshall Trading. Other hardware stores around the island tend to specialize in specific items like glass, tiles, lumber etc; so depending on what you want Barbados has the stores you need.


The hardware stores on the island are pretty much spread right across the length and breadth of the island, making it very convenient for everyone to access their goods and services.


Listed below are some of the more well known hardware stores found on the island of Barbados.


• Barbados Lumber Company Ltd.


• Barbados Steel Works Limited


• C &A Tools and equipment Hire Ltd.


• DaCosta Mannings


• H & B Hardware


• C & I Hardware Ltd.


• Carters


• Hammerhead Hardware


• Do-It-Best Home Centre


• Marshall Trading Ltd.


• Express Hardware


• Flintstones Inc.


• Home Improvements & Hardware Supplies.


It might be useful to note that most of these stores usually open from Monday to Saturday; however, there are a few that also open their doors on Sundays for additional customer convenience.




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