South Point Lighthouse, Christ Church, Barbados Pocket Guide

South Point Lighthouse

One of the few lighthouses which remain standing on the island of Barbados, the South Point Lighthouse is located in Atlantic Shores, Christ Church. Standing at some eighty-nine (89) feet, it is gaily painted with thick horizontal lines of red and white.




South Point was the first lighthouse erected in Barbados. It was exhibited in London and then historical accounts have placed it in Barbados in 1852.


Lighthouses were created to provide safety to incoming boats and ships and were usually maintained and supported by a light keeper, who would be responsible for sending out the appropriate signals to the boats. Nowadays, these lighthouses are no longer functional, as technology, both on the boats and on land have been significantly enhanced. The sites and structures are still fascinating to the general public and so can be traversed; however the physical structure is not accessible.


The lighthouse can be seen from basically any point in Christ Church. To reach it, travel through Oistins as if going to the lovely Miami Beach, but turn left as if going into the residential Atlantic Shores and follow the large red and white structure until you reach the base.




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