Barbados Concorde Experience

The science of flying and the mystery of the air and space navigation has long been a source of fascination for many.  No aviation structure has intrigued the average human being more than the supersonic Concorde, when it was at its zenith and even after it ceased to operate.




The island of Barbados gained additional prominence and prestige for being one of the few airports outside of Europe and North America into which the Concorde flew. It was no surprise therefore, that after some negotiation, Barbados was one of the only three (3) venues which was allowed to retain one of the jets for historical preservation. This was a major achievement for the island and the Government of Barbados has facilitated the creation of an innovative aviation museum dedicated to the mighty Concorde; the project crowned with the physical present of the Alpha-Echo, one of the actual jets. It was opened in April 2007.


This attraction, referred to as The Concorde Experience is located at The Grantley Adams International Airport. Its official entrance involves a drive some 50 yards past the mini-roundabout which takes you to the airport as if entering St. Philip. Signage is clear and a long dreiveway, leads you to this "experience".


The attraction is organized into several zones. Four (4) of the eleven (11) are described below:

The Flight experience affords the opportunity to replicate the rush experience from flying on this majestic, super fast plane; a feeling not likely to be experienced in the near future


Engineering for Speed offers the opportunity for the visitor to gain understanding and to be schooled as to the technical and engineering aspects which allowed the Concorde to fly in safety and comfort at such fantastic speeds


Tarmac: At the tarmac zone, an explanation is provided of the features on the plane. It allows the individual who never had the privilege of taking an actual flight to appreciate, the level of attention which was paid to detail, including breaking down the specific areas for which checks were mandated while the Concorde was on tarmac in any location


The Departure zone mirrors the very distinguished Concorde Room at the massive Heathrow airport in London, England. Guests can walk through for that real hands-on reality feeling


For more details, call (246) 420 - 7738.




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