Oistins Fish Market

Oistins is a fishing community and village located in the parish of Christ Church in Barbados. Rich in historical value, details of which many persons are unaware, the village of Oistins was the site of a major clash between the Royalist and Roundhead supporters way back in 1639. This was spurred by a bid for independence by Barbados from Cromwell's England, the mother country.




Today, hundreds of years later in the 21st century, the island has evolved into a modern and popular fish market. The feeling is made more authentic as one can see the fishing boats and fishermen coming in with their boats of fresh fish. People from all over the island come to purchase their fresh fish, with pre-Lent and Christmas being a period where sales traditionally spike. One can obtain most types of fish, depending on the season: snapper, tuna, barracuda, shark, flying fish and dolphin.


Another skill seen in the village is that of making and repairing fishing nets.  One may be lucky to observe the fishermen standing on the rocks on the waters edge, casting their nets into the water to see what they might catch.


On Fridays and Saturday evenings, Oistins comes alive with a completely different ambiance as there is a fish fry par excellence. Scores of vendors cater to their regulars as well as visitors, serving up plates of fish and provisions. Fishcakes, grilled or fried fish, tossed salad, breadfruit and coleslaw only skim the surface of the available fare. In terms of entertainment, there is normally karaoke and a corner with music where the ballroom enthusiasts can 3-step the night away. All this activity takes place around the general environs of the Fish Market, which by this time would have given away to the night time activity.


Overall, the city of Oistins and its Fish Market is Barbados' quaint and homely village. The fish vendors are experienced and helpful and usually provide quick and efficient service so long as you know what you want.




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