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St. David's Church

Not very much information is available about the history of St. David's Anglican Church. It is known that there was once a Chapel School which bore the name of St. David's, but the present church however, was not an expansion of that. This church, located in the village of St. David's on the island of Barbados, was built quite a bit later than the chapels built under the Coleridge Building Programme.




St. David's Church was constructed on an acre and a half of land that was donated by the Hon. Joshua B. Nurse (a member of the legislative council of Barbados) while an additional acre of land was provided by two gentlemen, Thomas Daniel and Thomas Cox, to be used and consecrated as the cemetery for the church. St. David's Church was officially consecrated by the then Bishop of Barbados, William Hart Coleridge on 9th April, 1840.


St. David's Church, sited in rural Barbados is quite an elaborate church and this was probably due to the fact that its location was actually in a very affluent agricultural area of the time and thus had to adequately fit with the social class and standing of the congregation.


The architecture of this large Barbadian church appears quite simple at first glance but that is the beauty of its design. This church has the typical tower but with an unusually decorative stepped pyramid at its peak and this is then topped with quite a beautiful and intricate cross. At one point in the church's history, a somewhat clumsy staircase was added to the outside of the tower to provide easy access to the tower belfry. Since then however, the staircase has been removed, freeing the façade of this beautiful Georgian inspired church from this unsightly encumbrance.


Today, the St. David's Church stands as a serene example of the beautiful ecclesiastical architecture in found in Barbados; another church worth the visit as you journey around this scenic, tropical island.


Sundays  - 6:15 am (Said Mass and Sermon)
Sundays  - 7:45 am (Solemn Mass and Sermon)
Sundays (1st & 3rd)  -  10:00 am (Family Worship)
Wednesdays  - 7:00 am (Said Mass)


Contact Information

Telephone (Office)  - (246) 437-1801
Residence  - 

(246) 427-1316





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