Inch Marlow

Inch Marlow is on the South Coast of Barbados, in the parish of Christ Church, with Long Beach and Grantley Adams International Airport to the north-east, and Surfer's Point and South Point Lighthouse to the south-west.


Inch Marlow is actually a series of small bays at the southern most part of Long Beach which, at two-miles long, is the lengthiest single beach on the island.  In turn, Long Beach is north of Silver Sands


You might like to take a stroll along the beach and sand dunes at Inch Marlow. Swimming is safe in some of Inch Marlow's bays, other bays are rougher with large waves and swimming can be dangerous at these. The calmer seas are perfect for kayaking, the area having earned the nickname of 'Kayak Point', and the wilder seas provide surfers and windsurfers with ideal conditions most of the time. However, bear in mind there is no lifeguard on duty, so try to not go swimming alone at Inch Marlow.


While on the beautiful island of Barbados and you're having a family day out at Inch Marlow, young children will be fascinated by the rock pools scattered around this coastline and can spend hours paddling safely while looking for sea creatures. Good access also allows disabled visitors to enjoy time at the beach - toilets and showers are available, and drinks and snacks can be purchased from the beach bar at nearby Surfer's Point.


The rocks at Inch Marlow are especially enjoyed by locals and tourists for night fishing, many of them using hand lines to catch the fish. In daylight, and a little further out, there is also an excellent spot where divers are practically guaranteed to find octopus.




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