Music Genre

The word "genre" seems to have popped into the minds and onto the lips of the people of Barbados in recent times. A word that was never really heard of before but now quite prevalent on the island. After all, the island only predominantly knew of spouge, calypso and oldie goldies, typically those were our "genres".


The music genres throughout Barbados cover a variety of techniques and folklore that date back to the time of our first inhabitants. Percussion instruments were primarily used but became extinct. The merging of European settlers and African slaves brought about a vibrant music culture that in turn created popular dance styles.


Music can be split up into quite a few different forms and hence the birth of genres. No different from what is happening on the island of Barbados as we've seen an unfolding of various musical forms. The island enjoys a rich culture that has augured well for the great amount of diversity that is reflected in its music. Barbados has done quite well in nurturing artists who were able to make significant contributions to the art form and by extension, to their country. So much so that we are seeing artists from Barbados having fan clubs all over the world and these fans not even knowing where Barbados is or ever travelling to the island.


Barbados enjoys a variety of music and they include calypso, spouge, reggae, alternative, tuk music, folk music and steel pan to name a few.




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