Pottery on Display, Barbados Pocket Guide

Visual Arts

The visual art form is a form that identifies works of art that are visual in nature. Arts such as photography, ceramics, paintings, sculptures and pottery are considered visual arts.

The National Cultural Foundation (NCF) has been instrumental in playing a part in ensuring that this particular art form develops as it should in Barbados. Mr. Rodney Ifill from the NCF has been the driving force behind this initiative as he has thus far successfully completed six (6) community-based exhibitions, two (2) workshops on presentation and has organised an exhibition on Haitian Art that pays homage to the Haitian Bi-centennial, as part of the 2004 Crop Over Visual Arts. 

In recent years Barbados has seen more and more visual artists come to the fore and showcase their talents by way of events such as Crop Over Festival, Holetown Festival and Oistins Fish Festival to name a few. These festivals attract large crowds both locally and internationally and provide the ultimate stage for talent to be exposed.

Art Galleries, The Central Bank of Barbados, Queen's Park Gallery and the Barbados Museum are among the many places in Barbados that visual arts exhibitions can be viewed.


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