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Cave Bay

Cave Bay is situated on the South East Coast of Barbados, in the parish of St. Philip, with Sam Lord’s Castle, Long Bay and Crane Beach to the south and Bottom Bay, Palmetto Bay, East Point Lighthouse and Ragged Bay to the north.


Several sources give Cave Bay in Barbados as an alternative name for Harrismith Beach, and this is supported by the fact that there are several merging beaches in this vicinity.  It is possible therefore that the sources are right, and that the name Cave Bay perhaps refers more to the wider area of water and cliffs around the beach area.


Whatever its correct name, the area around Cave Bay in typifies the rugged East Coast of Barbados.  Towering cliffs, expanses of soft pure white sand, exhilarating wild seas, crashing foaming waves, and strong refreshing breezes make Cave Bay the perfect place to visit for a picnic, photographic opportunities, brisk walks, beachcombing or just soaking up the sun. However, with its rocks, dangerous undertow and strong currents the sea is not safe for swimming, and there are no lifeguards in this area.


If you plan to go to Cave Bay, make sure you take a map, refreshments, chairs or towels, and plenty of suntan lotion - the winds can be deceptive and mask the intensity of the sun's rays.  Another activity to try at the windy East Coast is kiting - you can buy colourful kites in many shops in Barbados - go on, try it - it's great fun!


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