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Skeete's Bay

Skeete's Bay is a picturesque bay situated in a tiny quaint fishing village on the East Coast of Barbados, in the parish of St. Philip, with Ragged Point and Culpepper Island to the south and Conset Bay to the north.


Fishing in Barbados is estimated to provide work and income for at least 6,000 inhabitants, and you can witness the fishing industry's influence if you visit Skeete's Bay. One of the main features of this relaxed little village in Barbados is the fish market which has stood there for many years and is the hub of the community.

Here you can regularly purchase the varieties of fish that have been freshly caught by local fishermen. Availability varies though, and in the winter months only two boats usually leave Skeete's Bay to source fresh fish for the area. In the summer months, however, six additional fishing boats return from their labours during the 'flying fish' season and work out of Skeete's Bay in Barbados spending just one day at a time at sea. Bajans refer to these boats as 'day boats', the alternative bigger boats being called 'ice-boats' as they are able to stay at sea for longer due to the copious amounts of ice they have on board.


As well as boat fishing, many Bajans, and sometimes tourists as well, will also sit or stand on the pier, or jetty, in Skeete's Bay in Barbados, from where they can normally catch a number of fish throughout the day in the relatively smooth East Coast waters.


In contrast with many other East Coast locations, Skeete's Bay in Barbados is calmer and considered to be safe for swimming, and there are also toilet and showering facilities available. There is no coast guard in this area, though, so, as always, caution is strongly advised.


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