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Walker's Beach

Walker's Beach is situated on the North East Coast of Barbados, in the parish of St. Joseph, lying in between Long Pond and Lakes Beach to the south, and Morgan Lewis Beach to the north.


Next to Walker's Beach in Barbados is St. Andrew's Parish Church, a fascinating old Anglican church that you can look around. The Anglican Church was established in Barbados by the first English settlers in the early seventeenth century, and was the first official religion in Barbados, to this day remaining the primary religion on the island.


Other Barbados attractions close to Walker's Beach in Barbados include the Morgan Lewis Mill and the Grenade Hall Forest and Signal Station to the west, Barclays Park and Chalky Mount Pottery to the south, and the new Segway Barbados Adventure Tours to the north.


Walker's Beach is situated in the Scotland district in Barbados, the trademark hills and ruggedly cultivated landscapes sweeping down to the much flatter stretches of white sandy beaches below. Walker's Beach joins with Lakes Beach and Morgan Lewis Beach, and walking the entire length of these concurrent beaches can make for an exhilarating day out. These beaches reveal a cornucopia of sensory experiences, from discovering seashells and flotsam to listening to the deafening sounds of the crashing Atlantic, and walkers, beachcombers and photographers should all feel inspired whilst traversing this route. 


Although the beaches are inviting on Barbados' East Coast, it is not considered a safe place to swim. Barbados' biggest waves, strongest currents and harshest rip tides are to be found on the East Coast, so whilst it is the ideal destination for surfers, the conditions that have led to this reputation are the very same ones that deter the majority of recreational swimmers and snorkellers. Warning signs about the dangers of the sea abound along the stretch of the East Coast near Walker's Beach and it is only a short distance up the coastline from the surfing community's "Soup Bowl" near Bathsheba. 


You may be fortunate enough to enjoy the refreshing waters of the rock pools or reef protected lagoons along this Barbados coastline, but the presence of these very much relies on the tides and cannot therefore be guaranteed. There are also no amenities or changing facilities at Walker's Beach, and no coast guard.


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