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Ginger Bay

The delightfully named Ginger Bay is situated on the south-east coast of Barbados, in the Parish of St. Philip. A continuation of the world renowned Crane Beach, you can walk north from Crane Beach at low tide, around the rocks to Ginger Bay beach, and then carry on through to Beachy Head.


The beach at Ginger Bay in Barbados is set between towering limestone coral rock structures, with sheltered hidden caves to the rear revealing an array of fossil formations on their walls. It is a simply stunning, quiet location, with very few visitors. The white powdery sand, shady swaying palms and azure waters provide perfect photo opportunities, and its seclusion offers Barbados and visiting couples a tranquil, romantic setting where they can enjoy peaceful hours together.


The beautiful Ginger Bay in Barbados is an ideal spot for a picnic or sunbathing. Beaches on this coastline experience strong, refreshing breezes that are deceptive making time spent in the sun more comfortable, so be careful as you can easily get sunburnt, particularly in the middle of the day when the sun is at its highest and strongest.


The Atlantic Ocean at Ginger Bay in Barbados looks inviting to beachgoers, but the large waves with strong currents and undertows mean the sea at Ginger Bay is considered to be quite dangerous for swimming. Ginger Bay is therefore one of several Barbados beaches where the Barbados (Bajan) saying, 'De sea en' got nuh back door' is particularly pertinent. There is also no lifeguard on duty at this Barbados beach, so if you are thinking of swimming in the sea at Ginger Bay, always make sure you are not alone.


The beach at Ginger Bay in Barbados has no amenities such as toilets and showers, and there is nowhere for beach visitors to purchase food or drinks. You could stop and buy some items for a beach picnic at the supermarket situated nearby, and if you are staying at an all-inclusive hotel or resort, the restaurant will usually supply you with a picnic lunch in lieu of your resort meal.

Whilst this Barbados beauty spot is normally quiet and peaceful, you may occasionally see the lively and energetic Barbados Hash House Harriers (BH3), a group of runners and walkers who organize 'hashes 'and 'down downs' at many different beautiful locations in Barbados.


One important reminder about Ginger Bay in Barbados - access to the beach is down quite a lot of steps, so a visit to this beach may pose difficulties for those of you who are less mobile.


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